Sit Down


During my reading of First Chronicles 21, I wondered why God was angry with David for taking the Census of the Israeli people. I did some googling and commentators have stated that the Bible does not explicitly state why God was angry. One can infer however, that it was due to King David’s pride.

In previous chapters, God had delivered the Israeli people from all their enemies and always provided  King David with enough warriors for the battles they encountered. Then at one point, the Bible says “Satan stood up against Israel, and incited David to count the people of Israel”.  Joab, the head captain of King David’s army, questioned his reasoning saying “ may the Lord increase the number of his people 100 fold! Are they not my lord the king, all of them, my Lord servant‘s? Why should my Lord require this?” but King David was still adamant about his count. It wasn’t until something bad happened to the Israeli people that King David repented of his sin. That sin, some have said, was King David’s pride going ahead of God.

Whenever I read scripture, I try to identify the areas of my life God is trying to speak to. I read this chapter not really finding much to contemplate on except for the reason of God’s’ anger towards King David. From that, I realized that I allowed my own pride to get in the way of God. Recently, I was led to relocate to Oakland, California. The Lord told me that he would get me there. Being the self motivated, determined, and ambitious person that I am, I started applying for jobs in the Bay area. I also started to take some certification exams in order to pretty up my resume and to show how valuable of an asset I would be. I got caught up in my pride to make myself look good. What was humbling was the fact that I did not pass any of my exams. I thought to myself, I could’ve saved a lot of money and time if I had just waited on God to open a door for me. If I had not rushed to brand myself as such and such and waited for the Lord to make a way, I probably would have gotten a position already.

Am I saying that God was angry with me? Maybe, but what I am saying is that I need to slow down. Just because I may hear a word from the Lord, doesn’t mean I should  jump the gun. I need to make sure, I’m not going ahead of God‘s timing. I must remain in the stillness and align myself to the leading of his Holy Spirit.

“Lord I pray thee
Settle my soul
Your Understanding keeps me
I wait on your Spirit
For life to unfold”

If waiting on God is something you struggle with, know that you are not alone. I’m in a season of waiting on God. I don’t know about you, but waiting can be hard, annoying, and humbling. I’m learning more about myself and God. I’m learning that when it’s all said and done, His understanding supersedes mine. So be encouraged, whatever you are believing God for, His timing is perfect.

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