Fuel Your Faith. July 2018

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My fellow workers,

As I reflect on the state of our country and the state of nations around the world, I write to you today feeling empowered with the understanding that we have the opportunity to write into our atmosphere. As content creators, we have the opportunity to influence the hearts and minds of masses. So do not take lightly the gifts and talents you’ve been afforded. There is a greater purpose in the work that we do. That is why, I too am taking my writing and creativity more seriously.

Personally, I’ve been beating myself up because I launched LP in January but I had not launched the blog until now. It is funny how when you set your heart to serve the Lord with all your mind and all of a sudden distractions come your way. We must not allow our distractions to defeat us. We must diligently seek to realign our focus to God’s will and continue as fellow workers for His kingdom.

As a company who seeks to educate, edify, and encourage, I hope that our featured content for this season fuels your faith, passion, and purpose.

Write on,

Maèva “The Artist” Renaud

Featured Content

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Black Girl Coffee

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And these things we write to you, that your joy may be full. – 1st John 1:4

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