Entering the Sacred

4YNFAdA7TnGqZ1Ugqugx9QThis week, I’ve been reading Psalms 95-99 and I noticed a pattern of a call to worship. Each chapter beckoned for a call to sing, a call to kneel, a call to declare, a call to rejoice, a call to make a joyful noise, a call to tremble, and a call to come. As I meditated on these verses, I began to think about my own posture and reverence towards the Lord, our G-d. I thought about whether or not I’ve been coming to Him in a state of worship or fear and trembling. Did I once go to Him while making a joyful noise?

Or, has my morning and evening prayer times just become a religious routine or task to check off my to-do list???

My relationship with the Lord is very important to me. I do not want it to be this mundane thing that I do because of obligation (I’ve been there done that). I know I have free will to seek G-d when and where I want, but the question I am asking myself is, am I really valuing the essence of communing with my Heavenly Father? When I wake up in the morning, am I regarding the time I’m given as something precious? Something sacred and holy?

I wake up really early sometimes so that I could have enough time to prayer and read my Bible before I need to get ready for my day. However, I wonder if I’ve really put it in my mind that this time I am allotted is something special, something that I should be rejoicing about, and singing about. Psalms 98:1 says, ” O sing to the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things.”  When I wake up, I usually write my prayer in my journal and start out with “Thank you G-d for waking me up”, but do I actually consider the marvelous work that He has done? In that one simple act, the ability to open my eyes, to have breath, and the full function of my limbs should be something I rejoice about!


I know I’m beating myself up but I like check in and see what I need to work on internally and externally. It’s my form of therapy but I digress.

Basically, when I go into prayer mode or read the Bible, am I doing it with the intent to worship and magnify the Lord? Is my heart in the right space? Is my mind focused on our AWE-some G-d?


I’m glad that this Sabbath day, I took the time to really reflect on my week and remind myself of G-d’s goodness towards me. At the same time, I’m challenging myself to be more mindful and intentional when it comes to entering the sacred time with G-d.

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