Time to Meditate

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Zocalo, a cute café in the Old San Leandro neighborhood of Alameda County, CA. Did I mention that I’ve relocated to Cali?! Yes, I’m a Cali girl now but that’s another story.

Anyway, while at the coffeeshop I needed to clear my mind because after a long week of work and engaging in the dating world, I needed to center myself.

One reason I love coffee shops is because of the vibes they give and the ability to just sit and get lost in your thoughts while sipping on an oat milk Ugandan vanilla latte. Coffee puts me in the mood 😇

In the mood to allow myself to transcend. I found myself meditating on my fears and why I am afraid. Basically, I have a fear sometime to say what I want and mean what I say. That stems from my cultural upbringing of being silent and only speaking when spoken to. Anyway, as I meditated on that fear and began to realize that being afraid to speak my truth is an issue that I need to deal with. As much as I advocate for others to speak up for themselves, it is time for me to stand up for myself as well.

I’m not shy. I’m far from it. I am reserved about certain things- which of course I do want to spend more time into why that is. But the area that I want to start speaking up more is in the area of romantic relationships. Dating is quite frightening to me because people have varying expectations. However my biggest issue is communicating those expectations. Hopefully as I continue to grow and get my Light right, I will speak my truth with confidence and keep on loving the beauty that is moi.

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