Fuel Your Faith. March 2019

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Greetings my fellow workers,

I’m back from Haiti and I have so much to share with you all! First of all, I want to return so badly it’s sad. With my health and allergies, for me to live in Haiti, I’d have to be in a bubble and extremely wealthy just so I can source my own water and electricity! Anyway, even though I went to my home country due to a death in the family, my time there was well spent. I had an amazing time reuniting with cousins I had not seen in forever. I was also very happy to see my great-great-aunt Zete, who saved my brother and me during the Coup D’etat in 1991. She is totally making my list of Women to Honor for Women’s History Month!

I still haven’t had the chance to truly reflect on my time back home but I do want to share that I felt safe and fine. I was a bit disturbed that Mardi Gras aka Kanaval was canceled for the first time in Haiti. Earlier in the month, there had been riots due to gas price increase. This resulted in a mass exodus of foreigners who work in Haiti and called for a travel ban by the U.S. Department of State. As of today, there is still a travel ban on Haiti, which in my humble opinion is unfortunate to my country. Most of the labor is due to tourism and with the travel ban warning during the week of Kanaval, many businesses suffered. When businesses suffer, employees suffer. When employees suffer, oh God, what about the kids? Will their family have enough money to get food to eat?

This topic really hits home for me because a lot of great work has happened to get Haiti back on the map when it comes to tourism. Now with the travel ban, it’s like we’ve gone 5 steps backward. However, I am hopeful for change. Let’s keep Haiti in our prayers. Let’s pray for transformational leaders that will make decisions that benefit the Haitian People. Let’s pray that Western Union and Money Gram decrease their fees for sending money to Haiti. Let’s pray for peace and reconciliation so that the country can move forward and not backward. Let’s pray that the tickets aren’t too expensive so I can book my next flight soon!

Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts.

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