The Vision

Life's Purpose Publishing, LLC dba Maeva The Artist- is a multi-media content publisher and event planning community. Our vision is to fuel your faith with content that inspires, educates, and ignites your passion to propel you to live out your purpose.  We partner with faith-based creatives to share the good news of the gospel of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) for the building of G-d's kingdom. Our goal is that your joy may be renewed and strengthened. "Not that we have dominion over your faith, but are fellow workers for your joy; for by faith you stand". (2nd Corinthians 1:24)

Maeva The Artist

Maeva Renaud is an Educator, Artist, and Advocate dedicated to creating, producing, and publishing works of art that bring healing and restoration among individuals and communities. Renaud holds a M.S. Ed in Special Education and an MA in Urban Studies with a concentration on Community Arts Development. Renaud advocates for diversity and inclusion within segregated communities through her non-profit The People's Cafe. Renaud has published two poetry books which are available on Amazon. She is available for speaking engagements, performances, workshops, consultations, and mentoring.


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